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One Stop Creative Agency

Talentiv International Sdn Bhd is a brand of professional services in photography & video media founded by TRSB Group of Company.

Established by it executive chairman, Remy Rudy. We are specializing in producing photo & video content and offering huge range of services which rated to be one of the largest private own company in photographic media in Malaysia.

With the determination in giving the best and driven by passion we can be as what we are now. Talentiv services sprawl worldwide from the North to South and East to West in service coverage. Being a renowned brand in this field is the greatest thing ever happened to us, but all the history initiated with only passion and determination by the founder Remy Rudy.

Currently, our base operation is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of the best things again, we are not a company with few people shoot everything, BUT we are a company harboring MANY SPECIALIST in many specialization. Bear in mind, we don’t sell Jack-of-all-trade but specialist.


What we do


As a one stop Creative Agency, we will always ensure our works satisfying our clients and helping them to make their dreams come true.

Why choose us?

Because We Are Your One Stop Creative Agency

By hiring us, you can fulfill all your dreams and needs.

  • Registered with SSM (1333084-T)
  • Works with Government Agecies, GLC, Petronas, CIDB, TM, TNB, TV STATION
  • More than 15 years experience
  • Award winner

By having creative peoples in our organization, we believe that we can help you to reach your dreams.


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